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Discount for Sellers and Buyers
How does the Realtor Commission work?
When a Seller lists their home, they agree that they will pay the Listing Firm a percentage to sell the home.  In this agreement, the Listing Firm agrees to offer the
commission to the Agents who will bring the Buyer, thus an equal split to the Buyer's Agent and this Agent's Firm.  Essentially the commission is split into 4 payouts;
1) The Listing Agent, 2) The Listing Firm, 3) The Buyers Agent, 4) The Buyers Agent's Firm.

My Firm, TLEdwards Agency, can help with the costs associated with the Real Estate Sale or Purchase, for a Buyer or Seller customer working with our Agents.
As I offer this discount to you, here is how it must work:
I cannot give cash, but I can offer funds to offset the expenses of your Real Estate Transaction.   You may use the funds to apply toward closing
costs, the amounts must show on the Closing Disclosure.   You can apply the amount to any closing costs, it could be to assist with repairs, any
closing expenses, purchase a home warranty, obtain a survey...etc.
This offer is exclusively with TLEdwards Agency and its agents, working as affiliated Brokerage Firm with EXP Realty, Greensboro.   EXP Realty
and it's Agents are not offering the discount.
Price Range
80,0000  -  100,000
101,000  -  250,000
251,000  -  350,000
351,000  -  500,000
501,000  -  MAX
Discounts are subject to change quarterly.  Changes will not affect any transactions currently in progress.
Only one program discount can be used at a time.
*Based on typical commission rate (3/3) received, if less than typical these discounts will adjust accordingly.