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I Give Back Whenever I Can...
I have enjoyed my time with St. Mark since I arrived here 4 years ago.   I have met a lot of wonderful people and found many friendships.  I was glad to have the
ability and skills to help the church when I heard the call.   My plate is full of many duties, which I am always reaching out for more help.  Do you volunteer?  Join us!

Many may think I work for St Mark, but this is not so...I am a volunteer:

  • Developed and manage the MSP online volunteer scheduler, administer new/update/follow-up providing Q&A for 600+ users of the system with the
    schedules and announcements.
  • Communications Commission Chair, oversee the Bulletin Team and Website activities, update & post the online bulletin, Live streaming of Mass, technical
    support for systems throughout St. Mark.   
  • Host the communications for St. Mark volunteers about special events and Special Masses, issue metrics and reports for areas in which I oversee.  
  • Lead the Ministry for the Greeter/Registration Team, support/train and schedule.  
  • Volunteer member of the Social Committee supporting large events.   
  • Supporting role and nonmember of the Parish Council and Liturgy Commission.   
  • Scheduled Adorer for Adoration.

So, this is my real job...a Realtor, providing for myself as a sole-income household.  I love the fact that I have the flexibility to do all that I do for St Mark.  Helping
people has been the essence of my being, my entire life!    I love to give back and have helped many people make their dreams come true buying or selling their
home.   I have a lot of stories, funny and exciting...but most of all very good memories.   The best part about my job is YOU ... I have met some truly awesome
people...and I get the excitement of buying a NEW home over and over again, never have to pack or move and never have to make the payment!
Please stop by again in the future as I will be developing other
programs and sponsoring events that may be of interest.

Blessings to you and your family!   
A Generous Heart is Always Giving... Need help with funds?
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