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Trust, Loyalty & Commitment

Certified Marketing Specialist (CMAS)
Certified Residential Buyers Realtor/Broker (CRB)
Certified Residential Referral Specialist (CRRS)
Military Relocation Professional (MRP)
My skills and background will be of great benefit to you.

I have 15 years of experience negotiating on behalf of
my Customers. I am an Engineer by early career path
(detailed, thorough and data-driven) with a softer side.

My Story, how I got here...once upon a time...long ago
as a straight-A student in High school, fought the wise
counsel of my guidance career mentor to pursue
Hairstyling, although he heeded me to go to College.   I
worked and raised a family, this was a flexible career for
me then. When my littlest one went to school full-time, I
needed more. I attended a seminar and began my
journey into college, pursuing the high-tech path to
Engineering. Hired in as a technical trainer, I soon
found my way to an Engineering role in the
Manufacturing Industry of Corning. I enjoyed an
exciting adventure with this company for 14 years. I
picked up Real Estate as a hobby, working with
employees relocating to the area. My earlier career into
hairstyling made me a different type of Engineer, more
social, less GEEKy. I was well suited for many roles,
Product Engineer, who negotiates plans and tech-talks
with other engineers developing new products. An
Application Engineer, who interfaces with
non-technical Business roles, keeping the tech-talk to
lower levels. And a Manufacturing Product & Process
Engineer, negotiating purchase contracts for
equipment, interfacing with the factory workers who run
the machinery, analyzing the process to keep it all
running smoothly, using a systematic approach and
logic to design the consistent manufacturing process.

Now in Real Estate applying all these methods...People,
paperwork/contracts and a process uses all my skills - to
benefit one person, YOU.

Another side of me is very involved in Community and a
passion for helping others. My heart is giving. I'm active
in my Church leading groups and activities - Yes, more
process!  I am the Communications Commission Chair,
developing and managing the volunteer scheduling
database for about 600+ volunteers so far.
About Me - Experience
My tech skills are sharp, I can research market data to hone in on the best price-position, whether you
are Buying or Selling. I will represent you to the best of my ability. The data is fact and foundation of
every Real Estate transaction.

I'm a full-time agent, I run a full schedule, including nights and weekends (Time Management). I'm
prompt and diligently devoted to helping you achieve your Goals!

Relationships are key to this business. Many of my customers are now my very good friends and I know
as their trusted agent...they can count on me for whatever they need. Whether it be a home
improvement they are looking to do, need a contractor, vendor or market resale advice? Or they need
a friend to lend an ear or share a laugh or a celebration! I am there!

I'll be your Agent for Life, you'll see.
First Time Buyers, Relocation, Residential Home Sales
(Buyers or Sellers) Retirement, Vacation Home,  
Investment Property, Lake Home, Executive Home, New
Construction, Custom Home
" Tara has a passion for teaching.  She was great
to work with as a First Time Home Buyer, she
shared all the details and kept us informed every
step of the way.  I felt like she taught me more
than I ever would have known about Real Estate.  
She is very patient and welcomes questions.  
Although, we did not have many as she already
provided so much information before we even
could ask.  She is great and I recommend her to
all my young friends who have never bought a
house before!  She's the One! "  Barb K.
Five things to look for when engaging an Agent on your behalf

1.  Experience Level
2.  Knowledge of the Area & Market Trends - Shows you the data to accurate Pricing
3.  Full time in the Profession - You need to be the Priority - This is not a part-time Commitment
4.  Open and communicate freely details which are important to your Transaction
5.  Available to you for Showings, Questions, Follow-up  -  Are they Prompt?
Your Agent For Life
I've Got You Covered...
A Buyer never pays Commission to the Real Estate Agent.  The Agent is paid by the Seller through the
agreement in the Listing Contract.   So why would you have the Seller's Agent Represent You? The
Seller's Agent is working for the Seller.   A Buyer needs an Agent to be on their side, working on your
behalf...Negotiating for YOU to get the Best Price!

With New Construction, the Builder pays the Buyer's Agent.  They do not give special pricing if you don't
have an Agent.  Myth is they 'give' you incentives to
not have an Agent, this is false.  A Real Estate Agent
working on your behalf can get you so much more, plus they watch the transaction for errors or lost
items. Your agent will help you at walk-through time to get that punch-list completed before closing!
Get Yourself an Agent
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